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Филология және тілдер кафедрасы

11.12.2017 ж БС – 217 тобының студенттерімен магистр, оқытушы Жанадилова М.Б. «Present Perfect tense» атты тақырыпта ашық сабақ өтті.

The theme of lesson: Present perfect Tense

 The aims of lesson: Presentation new grammar materials. To enlarge students vocabulary, to pay attention to their pronunciation To introduce the new words and expressions the theme.

The aids of lesson: cards, note – book, markers, stickers.

Type of the lesson: question- answer, explaining;

 Method of the lesson:group work, pair work;


(Кіріспе) Organization moment


I’ll check the register.

Any absences?

– Good morning !

– everybody raise their hands and say «Here»/ «Present».

Beginning the lesson

  1. How can you form the Present Perfect?

  1. What do you need the Present Perfect for ?
  • to tell what you have done recently/ lately.
  • to tell what you have just or already done.
  • to tell what you have never/ ever done.
  • to tell what you have done so far/ up to now.
  • to tell what you have done today/ this week/ this month/ this year.

  1. Exercises

1.Peter ……..never watched  „Home alone”.

  1. A) had
  2. B) have
  3. C) has
  4. D) none of these


2.Lidka hasn’t …… Majorka yet.

  1. A) had
  2. B) seen
  3. C) drove
  4. D) none of these

3.She hasn’t ……….the dinner already.

  1. A) cooks
  2. B) cooked
  3. C) make
  4. D) none of these


  1. Exercises

Irregular verbs

  1. Go – went – gone
  2. Come – came – come
  3. Do – did – done
  4. Fly – flew – flown
  5. Have – had – had
  6. Run – ran – run
  7. Swim – swam – swum
  8. Sing – sang – sung

Conclusion part.


  • I _________ my purse. (lose)
  • We _________this movie already.(see)
  • He _________his leg.(break)


  • There _________an accident. (be)
  • We _________her today.(not\see)
  • They _________to the mall twice this month. (be)


  • Where ___ I ______my sandals? (leave)
  • _____you_________England? (visit)
  • _____she__________ John? (meet)