KIPUFP  is not only a classical University in the sphere of Kazakhstan’s education, with an organic symbiosis of educational activities and research, but also an educational institution that sets a high goal of strengthening friendship and mutual understanding between peoples. It was this goal that was fundamental in its creation. This idea was put by its founder academician A. Kuatbekov, who was enthusiastically supported by the entire color of the intelligentsia, scientists, teachers, the leadership of the region and the country. Therefore, our team gives priority to this component, forming the formation of the personality of students in the spirit of ethno-cultural and universal values, patriotism and love for the Motherland. At the same time, KIPUFP (КИПУДН) is one of the leaders in many areas of educational and methodical work, scientific activity, the owner of great potential in the field of innovation.

The University is developing rapidly, constantly making efforts to improve the quality of educational services. For education is the same sphere of service delivery, where there is fierce competition, in which the strongest survive. The presence of innovators, creative thinkers, initiative representatives of the younger generation, as well as their experienced mentors allows us to form the continuity of pedagogical principles, creating our own traditions. All this contributes to the rating KIPUFP and strengthening the competitiveness of the domestic education system. And the rating of the University is interesting not only for students, their parents, but also for employers – with it they can check their expectations from future employees.

Professionalism is when a person is competent in matters for which he is responsible for the duty, qualitatively cope with the tasks. And the recipe for this is simple: you have to be purposeful, work hard, mastering the knowledge that will be required in professional activities.

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