Meet with graduates

October 23 in the large assembly hall of the Turkestan regional branch of the party “Nur Otan” with the support of the MK “Zhas Otan” held a meeting of the Bolashak Association graduates. Graduates were provided with information about free grants from foreign universities of the Bolashak Association, grants of undergraduate, graduate and PhD.

At the event, the representative of the Center for International Programs JSC Nurmanov Altai Nurlanovich from Astana explained the requirements and conditions provided for applicants for the Bolashak international scholarship, as well as the rules for participation in the competition. Today, Bolashak is a unique source of development of the country, when ordinary Kazakh young people visit, specialists in any industry are literate, competitive in the world, and have a high intellectual level. This direction is one of the ways to improve the quality of human capital — education in advanced countries of education, familiarization with experience, analysis and internships.

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