Department of economics and laws

Feature of the department:

The faculty of the department develops qualitatively and creatively due to scientific pedagogical of economic, legal and other sciences, who carry out a huge work to strengthen and develop educational programs.

The aim of the department:

“Economics and law” – create and organize effective functioning of the system of training highly professional specialists, dissemination and application of economic and legal knowledge, provision of high quality educational services in the field of higher education, leadership in the national space for training personnel through the implementation of the Bologna process and modern quality standards.

The task of the department is realized through the training of highly professional specialists via the effective use of the latest achievements in the field of science and higher education.

The strategy of the department provides searching for an optimal balance of European values of the education and national traditions for teaching higher qualified specialists.

Research work of the department:

1.  Problems and ways of socio-economic development in the South Kazakhstan region. Stage register №0117RKI0156

2. Methods to improve constitutional rights in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Stage register №0116RK00068

Scientific projects:

Scientific results received by students of specialties 5B050600 – Economics, 6M050600 – Economics, 5B050900 – Finance, 5B051000 – State and local government, 5B030100 – Jurisprudence, 6M030100 – Jurisprudence on the basis of term papers, diploma or scientific projects are introduced into the educational process. There are acts of implementation of the results of the work at the department.

The Department of Economics and Law is carrying out a funded scientific project – “Increasing production, financial and economic activities”. The customer of the project is the organization “Akbulak – 2001”. The results of the project are used in the teaching such disciplines as Economics, Microeconomics, Project Analysis. It also has acts of implementation.

In accordance with the agreement of the department Economics and Law the limited partnership “ЮК Проект Экспертиза” is going to analyze and make a conclude in such departments as 5B050600 – Economics, 6M050600 – Economics, 5B050900 – Finance, 5B051000 – Stare and local government, 5B030100 – Jurisprudence, 6M030100 – Jurisprudence in 2018.  As an expert appointed director Zhamashev S.K.

Communication with higher education institutions and research institutes

Kazakhstan and foreign universities Types of contracts
1 “Synergy” – Moscow Financial Industrial University Joint mutually beneficial cooperation in the training of qualified personnel with higher education, for all popular sectors of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russian Federation
2 “Siberian Institute of Business and Information Technology, Omsk, Russia Establishment of cooperation on the issues of scientific internships organizations and other forms of master’s degree students practices
3 People’s Friendship University of Russia Exchange of teachers, scientists and staff in short and medium term programs, cooperation in scientific activities, training of scientific pedagogical staff
4 Bishkek Financial and Economic Academy Establishment of cooperation in the field of higher and postgraduate education of science and also exchanging programs
5 Kyrgyz University of Economics named by T. Ryskulbekov Establishment of cooperation in the field of higher and postgraduate education of science and also exchanging programs

Qualification characteristic of a specialty.

Educational programs of 5B050600 – Economics, 6M050600 – Economics, 5B050900 – Finance, 5B051000 – State and local government, 5B030100 – Jurisprudence, 6M030100 – Jurisprudence specialties oriented towards the preparation of bachelors in the field of:

  • The bachelor of Economics and Business of 5B050600 – Economics specialty can carry out analytical, administrative, educational and researching activities in the following areas: researching the functioning of sectoral and regional markets; improvement of the enterprise management system; formation or organization of economic strategies and enterprise policies, etc.
  • The Economics and Business bachelor of 5B050900 – Finance specialty can carry out professional, analytical, consulting activities at enterprises of all forms of the ownership, financial and insurance organizations, banking institutions, mortgage, leasing, investment companies, on the securities market, also conduct researching in the relevant organizations.
  • The Economics and Business bachelor of 5B051000 – State and local government specialties realizes professional, analytical, consulting activities in the administrations of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, apparatus of the Parliament, in various structural divisions of the government, in the management of economy and finance (ministries, departments, agencies), in local government, in national public and private companies, etc.
  • The bachelor of law of 5B030100 – Jurisprudence specialties realizes analytical, organizational, managerial and educational, researching activities in the such areas as: law enforcement bodies, judicial, executive and representative bodies of state power, state and non-state enterprises, legal profession, banks, insurance and audit companies, organization of education
  • Master’s program in the specialty 6M030100 – Jurisprudence is aimed at training specialists of the highest class in the field of law, the scientific and educational sphere, for working in state bodies and non-governmental organizations of local and international level.
  • Master of Economics of 6M030100 – Jurisprudence specialties realizes their professional work in the following activities: research institutes, universities, bodies of state and local government, financial analytical services of enterprises and organizations, commercial and business structures, subdivisions foreign economic activity.

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